Martin Danko

Martin Danko is an experienced thesis supervisor who can help both HBO and WO students with their research proposal, action plan, writing the thesis or a resit. As a strategic marketer, Martin has a business background. He is a BBA graduate from Nyenrode General Management. Martin then completed his MBA at the University of Oregon. Martin also obtained his post-master in didactic skills at the VU University Amsterdam (VU).

As a teacher, Martin has taught at InHolland for various courses, including the HBO courses Media and Entertainment and Communication. In addition, Martin has given lectures at Hogeschool Utrecht (HU) and Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) as a guest teacher. As a teacher, Martin provided the post-graduate course in Strategic Communication at the HU. And at the HvA the summer school for international business administration. Martin is also a teacher and mentor at SRM for Marketing NIMA C. From his Consultancy firm, Martin gives advice to large corporates in the IT sector, such as IBM and Accenture, on the cutting edge of technology and marketing. As a result, Martin takes a lot of practical knowledge with him.

What can Martin Danko help with?

Martin Danko likes to challenge you and help you define your subject well. Martin can also help you with literature and theory that you can use for your thesis. Martin can also help you if you need to do literature and source research for your paper or develop a conceptual model. In addition, Martin is also your sparring partner for which type of research you can best perform to complete your thesis with the right recommendations and recommendations. Martin looks at both the process side and the customer. From these two caps, he helps you keep sharp.

Area of expertise

Accounting, Business economics, Business administration, Commercial economics, Communication, Communication management, Communication systems, Communication sciences, Communication and Multimedia Design, Finance, International Business and Languages, ​​Marketing, Marketing management, Marketing NIMA B, Marketing NIMA C, Media, Media & Entertainment Management, Online marketing, Product design, Product management, Strategic communication and Leisure management.

Thesis counseling: online and on location

Martin is available for thesis counseling both online and on location. On location you are welcome in where Martin is frequently available.