Online thesis supervision

Jouw Scriptiecoach helps students in person throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as offering online thesis supervision. Of course, you can also combine online and in-person thesis supervision.

Why choose online thesis supervision?

Online supervision is often chosen by students who prefer not to have extra travel time and just want to talk to their thesis supervisor for 15–30 minutes every now and then. Some students want to have their document read through and have the thesis supervisor place comments in the margin, which can also be done entirely online. We’ve also noticed that many students who study or live abroad opt for online thesis supervision. We regularly guide international students and expats online via Skype, Zoom and MS Teams.

But is online guidance just as effective?

Online supervision is just as effective as in-person thesis supervision. Because of the wealth of online tools available, you can still have 1-on-1 contact with your thesis supervisor and can share your thesis in Google Docs so that you can go through it together online. If you want help with statistics, SPSS or STATA, online thesis supervision is also a great option, because you can share your screens with each other and follow the steps directly on-screen. So it’s about what you prefer as a student. If you prefer to meet with your supervisor face to face, it’s best to opt for thesis supervision in person.

If you simply want to be able to consult with your supervisor and discuss ideas regularly or receive feedback on your document, it makes sense to opt for online guidance.

How does online thesis supervision work?

Online supervision includes all thesis supervision that does not take place in person. Telephone consultation, Skype, consultation via Zoom or MS Teams, comments in your document, feedback by e-mail: all of these fall under online thesis supervision.

You can also make agreements with your thesis supervisor about what the supervision will look like for you. Many students choose to collaborate online via an online tool such as Skype, MS Teams or Zoom in combination with a document shared online. You can then immediately type feedback in your document during a meeting with your supervisor.

If you want to receive comments in your document, that’s not a problem. We add comments in the margins with practical instructions so that you can then make the changes independently. Many students who need to resubmit choose this option. The supervisor then immediately looks at the assessment requirements and feedback and, on this bass, gives instructions in the document as to how you can incorporate the feedback.

Why choose online supervision?

Online supervision has the following advantages:

  • Cheaper: you pay a lower hourly rate;
  • Efficient: no extra travel time;
  • Quick: you can ask questions between sessions;
  • Flexible: we provide supervision at weekends and in the evenings;
  • Transparent: you can easily see how many hours you’ve used and can purchase more hours quickly and easily via your own online environment.

Want to find out if online thesis supervision is the right option for you?

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