1.  What rates does Jouw scriptiecoach apply and how does the discount work if I purchase multiple hours?

At Jouw scriptiecoach, you purchase hours in advance. We then always start with a free consultation in which we discuss what problems you are struggling with. We then immediately give you a concrete estimate of the expected number of yours you will need to get back on track. If you agree to the proposal, you can purchase the hours via our web shop immediately. The discount is automatically calculated in our web shop. If you choose 5 hours (or more) and go to your shopping cart, you will immediately see the amount including the discount there. We then directly match you to the thesis supervisor that best suits your subject based on their expertise. Our rates are also indicated on the website. When you purchase more hours, a lower rate for online supervision or supervision on location applies.

2.  When does the supervision begin and what are the working hours?

With us, thesis supervision is always possible immediately. We have already discussed where your request for help is and how we can help you with this during the free consultation. As soon as you agree to our proposal and purchase the necessary number of hours online, we immediately match you to the thesis supervisor that best suits your subject. Our supervision always fits with your situation and can also take place during evenings or weekends. You make agreements about this with your thesis supervisor yourself. However, it is important that you provide all documents relevant to the thesis supervision on time. This is your own responsibility.

3.  How can I see how many hours I have left?

We do not work with an online environment where you can see how many hours/time you have left. But we are very transparent about the time you have used. With every moment of contact with your thesis supervisor, they will inform you about how much time you have used and how much you have left. This way, you keep a clear overview of your balance and can purchase more hours in time if your balance is insufficient. You will never be faced with surprises.

4.  Is there a minimum number of hours I must purchase?

We do not apply a minimum number of hours, but we do lower our hourly rate if you purchase multiple hours at once. You can also start with 1 hour and then purchase a number of additional hours later if necessary. This means you are flexible and not stuck with expensive packages or subscriptions.

5.  Can I choose both online supervision and supervision on location?

That is certainly possible, and a combination of both forms works very effectively and is often recommended. Besides online hours and hours on location, you can also choose a combination package with us. With the combination package, you purchase a number of online hours and location hours combined. You can choose between a 5-hour package and a 10-hour package.

6.  What is the difference between online supervision and supervision on location?

Thesis supervision at Jouw scriptiecoach is possible in many form; for instance, you can opt for online thesis supervision via Skype, phone or e-mail so that you can get back to work more quickly. After you have purchased hours via iDeal, we will match you with your thesis supervisor. You send your thesis supervisor the necessary documents (such as your research proposal, thesis, study programme requirements and assessment or feedback). Your supervisor then goes over all of it and gives you concrete feedback in your document. Of course, you can also choose to consult by phone, or via Skype or Facetime. You work towards your research proposal or thesis deadline together.

It can sometimes be useful to meet with your thesis supervisor in person. For instance, because you need explanation about specific models or SPSS. Or because you want to go over the feedback you have received face-to-face first. We offer thesis supervision in almost all of the Netherlands. You make agreements about this with your thesis supervisor yourself.

7.  For what study programmes can I go to Jouw scriptiecoach?

You can come to us when you are looking for professional thesis assistance. We supervise higher vocational, master, university students and PhD students of almost any study programme. We do this both online and on location throughout almost all of the Netherlands, as well as in Belgium (Flanders)!

8.  Can you also help me with my research and SPSS?

We have multiple supervisors with backgrounds as researchers and can therefore help you like no other with your qualitative and quantitative research and processing your results in, for instance, SPSS or STATA. Our supervisors can help you think about the questionnaire or survey, analysing the data and translating the data into clear conclusions and recommendations.

9.  Do you also charge preparation time?

In some cases, it is necessary to first read the documents to offer good support. Every thesis coach needs to understand the context in order to be able to give you the best advice. If it is necessary for the supervision to have the supervisor read certain pieces you have already written (e.g. because you are stuck with the structure or need to do a resit), Jouw scriptiecoach does charge the time needed for this. Of course, we always look at the cost component critically.

10.    How many hours do most students purchase on average?

This varies per process and whether you just want help with a specific question or with the entire thesis process. On average, a student purchases 10 hours with intensive supervision, but if you have a specific question, 3 hours may also be sufficient. All supervision is always tailor-made and based on your request for help and situation.

11.    How does Jouw scriptiecoach handle the processing of personal information?

Jouw scriptiecoach has described how your personal information is processed in the privacy statement.

12.    Is hiring an external thesis supervisor plagiarism?

This is a frequently heard question. Thesis supervision is often still seen as a grey area. This is because thesis supervision is a very broad concept and every agency or supervisor applies their own methods. We work with comments in the document, which gives you concrete instructions but still requires you to implement all the changes yourself. This way, you are and remain responsible for the contents of your document.

Other questions?

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