Defending your thesis? Get instant help with your presentation

Yes, it’s time to defend your thesis! But how do you do it and what do you put in your presentation? Your degree is within reach, but you still need to defend your thesis. We know from experience that defending a thesis can be a very exciting step for many students.

What can I expect in my defence?

You will usually start your thesis defence by giving a short presentation of your thesis. The details of your thesis, as well as your presentation, will then be discussed in greater depth. Your defence usually involves your first and second reviewer, who will ask you various questions about your thesis. Often, they’ll deal with both the content and the process. Your first and second reviewers may ask you questions about certain choices you’ve made. In addition, they’ll probably also ask questions about the knowledge you’ve gained during your study.

Help with your defence and presentation

Our thesis supervisors have extensive experience in supervising graduates and know better than anyone how to go into a defence well prepared. In addition, they have experience in giving presentations. They know how to build a good presentation, what should be in it (the core of your research, results, conclusions and recommendations) and in what form you should present it.

How can we help you?

At Jouw Scriptiecoach, we help you defend and present the results of your thesis, so that you can start your thesis defence well prepared. Our supervisors ensure that they have read through your thesis prior to the supervision session.

Together with you, we look at the core of your thesis and help you process this core to create the presentation that you will use during your defence. Of course, you have to create the presentation yourself, but we look at the form, layout and content to make sure it contains all the necessary information. In addition, your thesis supervisor will check with you whether the structure of your presentation and story is logical and complete. We also look at the critical parts of your thesis and presentation that may raise questions.

And finally, we’ll do some practice! This can be done online or in person. Practising your presentation is an important step, because we check whether the content of your slides is really clear to listeners who normally have little or no prior knowledge of your topic. As you tell your story, questions will arise, and you can write down those questions so that you can prepare yourself well.

Tip: We advise you to read your thesis carefully prior to your defence. Highlight the important points and write down any questions in your document.

Need immediate supervision for preparing your defence?

Do you want help preparing your thesis defence? Then request a free consultation now. In your consultation, we’ll look at how best we can help you and which supervisor is most suited to your subject. You will also receive an immediate estimate of the number of hours we’ll need to help you prepare your defence. You can then easily purchase the hours and if the payment is successful, you’ll be immediately connected to your thesis supervisor.