Thesis rejected

Your thesis has been rejected, what now?

Has your thesis been rejected or did you receive a negative assessment for your research proposal or plan of approach? Jouw scriptiecoach can help you successfully complete your rejected thesis, research proposal or plan of approach. In most cases, a few moments of contact with a thesis supervisor is enough for students with a rejected thesis to improve it successfully. Contact Jouw scriptiecoach to discuss the possibilities. Our thesis supervisors are ready for you!

How can we help you with your resit?

When your thesis is rejected, you are naturally very disappointed. The thesis supervisors of Jouw scriptiecoach can help you when your thesis has been rejected. Support is possible in different ways. For instance, we can imagine it may be pleasant to have someone help you process and interpret the feedback you received for your rejected thesis, so that you can get to work with this feedback.

Our thesis supervisors have experience in various fields suitable for your study direction and are aware of the requirements set by your study programme. In addition to helping you interpret the feedback, they can also help with the adjustments you ultimately need to implement by providing clear and concrete advice that you can get to work with when your thesis has been rejected.

Have you improved your rejected thesis? Jouw scriptiecoach can also help you when you are looking for someone to check your thesis. In addition, a thesis supervisor not only gives you the right feedback and tools to improve your rejected thesis, but they can also help you with your planning so that you know where you stand and can get to work in a motivated and structured way.

How do we help you get back on track if you need to resit?

When your thesis is rejected, you want to do anything you can do improve it. You have worked hard and put a lot of time and energy into your thesis, only to fail your assessment. Our thesis supervisors can help you improve your thesis in the right areas so that you can still complete your thesis successfully. This can be done in various ways: by helping you interpret the feedback you received for your thesis, by giving you tips or instructions or by reading your improved thesis or checking it for spelling and language. 1 or 2 hours of thesis supervision is often sufficient to get back to work with new insights and sufficient tools and adjust your thesis in the right way.

Thesis assistance, online or on location

At Jouw scriptiecoach, you can opt for online supervision or thesis supervision on location. Online thesis supervision is chosen often, because this method is very efficient. You receive online support (by phone, Facetime, WhatsApp or Skype) in the way and at the moment that suits you best. You receive feedback in the document or via e-mail.

It can sometimes be useful to meet with your thesis supervisor on location. For instance, when you need explanation about specific models or working with SPSS, or if you want to go over the feedback you received from your study programme face to face. Jouw scriptiecoach offers thesis supervision on location in almost all of the Netherlands as well as in Belgium (Flanders).

Competitive rates

When you need to resit your thesis, you want to know in advance what your investment is. At Jouw scriptiecoach, you always receive an estimate of the number of hours you will need to get your thesis in order. We always schedule a free consultation first, where we discuss the subject and what your request for help is. You then immediately receive an estimate of the number of hours we expect to need to check your thesis and get you to the finish line. We apply fixed hourly rates and hours can easily be purchased online. This way, you always know where you stand!