Having your thesis checked

You have written a thesis or research proposal, time to hand it in! Or not? You may want someone to read through your document and give you substantive feedback before you proceed with your final submission. Or you are looking for someone to take one final look together with you to improve the common thread in the document. In both cases, you are in the right place with us. With practical advice and tips, the thesis supervisors of Jouw scriptiecoach help you along. This means you can submit your thesis or research proposal successfully. Does your thesis consist of a lot of pages? Then take into account that the substantive check could take several days.

Why have your thesis checked?

Our thesis supervisors look at your thesis as a total picture. They look at how your chapters and paragraphs are arranged, but also at the story you tell: is it clear and does it not contain too many repetitions? And are the titles of your chapters logical? Our thesis supervisors can also see whether your thesis meets the requirements of your study programme. All of these points together can ensure that your chance of graduation is increased.

Our expertise

Our thesis supervisors all have their own specialism. This means we can help students and PhD students of almost any study programme. We can help you if you if you are a commercial students of Business Administration, Commercial Economics or Communication, but also if your field is in the social domain, such as Physiotherapy, Nursing or Psychology. We also have thesis supervisors who specialise in education and can help you with your teacher training or study programmes such as Educational Science.

Do you study in a different sector? Then definitely contact us. We also have thesis supervisors who specialise in guiding students who are writing a design thesis and also offer supervision with research for the NIMA Communication, Marketing NIMA B or Marketing NIMA C study programmes.

How does having my thesis checked work?

Checking your research proposal, plan of approach or thesis works quite simply. It works as follows:

  1. You request a free consultation at Jouw scriptiecoach.
  2. We contact you quickly and discuss what your request for help is and which thesis supervisor best suits your subject based on their expertise. We also immediately recommend the type of supervision that fits best with your request for help.
  3. You purchase the necessary time in hours in our web shop and can pay directly online. The number of hours you purchase is based on the amount of time we expect in order to check your thesis.
  4. After you have purchased your hours, we immediately link you to the thesis supervisor that is most suitable for your subject.
  5. You send your supervisors your documents directly (assessment requirements, thesis, research proposal, plan of approach, etc.). The assigned thesis supervisor will then contact you and start checking your document.
  6. We provide feedback for your thesis by placing comments in the margins of the document so that your text remains intact and you can implement the changes yourself.

Costs for having your thesis checked

If you want to have your thesis checked, you naturally want to know what it will cost you. We apply competitive rates for checking your thesis. During a free consultation, we look at how best to help you and what supervisor is most suitable for your subject. You then immediately receive an estimate of the number of hours we expect to need to check your thesis and get you to the finish line. We apply fixed hourly rates and hours can easily be purchased online. This way, you always know where you stand!

Having your thesis checked linguistically

Are you looking for a linguistic check of your document? That is also possible at Jouw scriptiecoach. We check your thesis for language, structure, common threat, APA or layout. Errors are corrected immediately and you receive feedback that is actually useful. We check both Dutch and English theses. You always receive two documents back from us. In the first version, you can see what has been changed and choose what changes you want to accept. In the second ‘clean’ version, all changes have already been implemented. In addition, you receive a document with general feedback.

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