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Tailor-made thesis supervision

Writing a thesis is not easy. Jouw Scriptiecoach can provide experienced thesis supervisors to help you write your thesis. Sometimes you need a buddy to help you get started and to discuss the content of your thesis with. Other times, you might need someone to help you with the structure and common thread of your thesis. Does this sound familiar? Then you’ve come to the right place. If you get stuck or are unsure how to move forward, Jouw Scriptiecoach is here to help you get going again!

You are just getting started or are stuck with your thesis

Jouw Scriptiecoach can provide thesis supervision if you’re just getting started on your plan of approach, research proposal or thesis. A lot of different questions may come up during this process. We can help you make your research question more concrete. We’ll also ensure that you properly define the subject so that you avoid drowning in information. Throughout the thesis process, we are your point of contact and are here to help you graduate on time.

You want to have your thesis checked by an expert

Jouw Scriptiecoach can also help you check your thesis for content and structure. During your graduation period, you’ll often be given feedback from your study programme. It can sometimes be difficult to implement all of this feedback. We read through your document, bearing in mind the feedback and assessment requirements, and give you specific instructions. This way, you can be sure that your document will meet the requirements of your study programme and you can hand in your thesis on time!

Your thesis has been rejected or you plan to resubmit

Has your thesis, plan of approach or research proposal been rejected? We can help you revise your thesis on the basis of the feedback you’ve received. We’ll read through your document, bearing in mind the study programme requirements and feedback, and provide you with concrete advice and tips directly in your document, so that you know exactly what changes you need to make. With our specific and practical advice, you’ll have all the tools you need to revise your thesis!

What can you expect from us?

Flexible and customised

Thesis supervision is always tailor-made. Do you want to graduate quickly so that you can start looking for a job, or are you combining your studies with a busy private life and job? Whatever your situation is, we always make sure the supervision is suitable for you. This is why we also offer thesis supervision at weekends and in the evenings by arrangement. You and your thesis supervisor can agree how often you’ll meet and in what form (online, in person or via Skype, WhatsApp etc.).


When you choose thesis supervision, you receive concrete feedback on the content of your thesis and the thesis structure. Jouw Scriptiecoach specialises in supervising students on courses in the areas of marketing, communication, media, labour, health care and education. Jouw Scriptiecoach works with professional thesis supervisors who each have their own area of expertise and lots of work experience. This means they can help you bridge the gap between the requirements of your study programme and the result desired by your client.

Committed and personal

The thesis supervision provided by Jouw Scriptiecoach is always personal and linked to the phase of the thesis process you’re in. You’ll have your own thesis supervisor who helps you meet your deadline. You can call, Skype or FaceTime them when you have specific questions or want to discuss the direction you’re taking. In addition, we always pay close attention to structure and to whether your document meets the study programme requirements.

Helping hand

A thesis supervisor isn’t just there for you when you need help with the content of your thesis; if things aren’t going so well during your thesis process, you can always consult with us to see how you can turn things round. Together, we look at how we can overcome certain obstacles so that you can continue the thesis process with newfound motivation.

Jouw Scriptiecoach has experience with the following educational programmes:

Competitive rates

Our rates for thesis supervision are competitive and VAT-exempt for students in standard education. And you won’t need to buy at least 10 hours to obtain a lower rate or purchase a subscription. You can purchase hours easily online, by the hour. Want to purchase a number of hours at once? Lower rates apply for 5 or 10 hours. We also offer a combination package, which entitles you to a number of hours of online supervision and a number of hours of supervision in person.

Purchasing hours is easy you simply choose the desired form of supervision (online, in person or combination package) in our web shop and then choose the number of hours. Discounts are calculated automatically in the web shop and you can pay directly online via iDeal or Bancontact. After you’ve made your purchase, we connect you directly to a thesis supervisor.