Thesis help online and in person

Jouw Scriptiecoach can offer thesis help to HBO, master’s, university and PhD students who are about to start (or have already started). For example, our thesis supervisors can help you with writing the research proposal, plan of approach and thesis. We can also support you if your thesis has been rejected or even needs to be resubmitted. We do this both online and in person throughout almost the whole of the Netherlands and also in Belgium.

Online thesis help

Online thesis help includes:

  • telephone consultation
  • support via e-mail
  • comments in the document
  • collaboration in Google Docs
  • consultation via Skype, MS Teams or FaceTime

The big advantage of online thesis help is that you can get support with your questions whenever you want. Our thesis supervisors work in compact time blocks of 10 minutes.

All time spent is tracked and debited from your purchased balance. Your thesis supervisor will keep you informed of your balance and how much you’ve used, so there won’t be any surprises. You can purchase hours quickly and easily via iDeal.

Online thesis supervision is an efficient and ideal method, allowing you to contact your thesis supervisor for short questions between sessions. This makes things really easy when you want to get back to your work quickly. You can also make arrangements with your thesis supervisor about how you want to be supervised, how you can contact us (e-mail, WhatsApp etc.) and how often you want to meet.

Would you prefer to receive thesis help in person?

Do you still prefer to receive thesis supervision in person? No problem! Sometimes you just need an extra push and you want to be able to discuss ideas with someone face to face.

Jouw Scriptiecoach offers in-person thesis help for students in the following regions and places:

  • North Holland: Amsterdam, Haarlem, Heemstede, Hoofddorp, Groningen, Leeuwarden and Alkmaar
  • Utrecht: Amersfoort, Utrecht and Houten
  • Gelderland: Arnhem and Nijmegen
  • Overijssel: Hengelo, Enschede, Deventer and Zwolle
  • Brabant: Breda, Den Bosch, Eindhoven, Bergen op Zoom and Tilburg
  • South Holland: The Hague, Delft, Leiden and Rotterdam
  • Limburg: Maastricht
  • Zeeland: Middelburg, Vlissingen, Goes, Zierikzee and Terneuzen
  • Flanders: Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Hasselt and Leuven