Thesis supervision when writing a research proposal

Before you can start your research for your thesis, many programmes first want to see a research proposal. Only when you have received the green light for your research proposal are you able to start conducting your research. Many students find that writing the research proposal is quite a difficult task – where do you start?

Often, the research proposal is not immediately approved. This can be frustrating, especially if you receive feedback several times and still don’t know how to improve your research proposal. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll help you to write a research proposal that fits the requirements of your programme.

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What challenges are you facing?

In order to be able to help you with your research proposal, it’s important for us to have a clear view of what you find challenging. This will be different for every student and situation. For example, you may find it difficult to properly set out your problem analysis or context analysis on paper. Or you might find it difficult to formulate the right research question and sub-questions. But it could also be that you’ve received so much feedback that you just don’t know how to process it. Whatever the reason for getting stuck, we come up with a plan of action together and help you move forward.

Here’s what we can help you with

At every stage of writing your research proposal, you can contact us for help with:

  • Preparation, getting started and problem analysis;
  • Formulating the right main research question and sub-questions;
  • Writing your research proposal;
  • Improving your rejected research proposal.

Of course, you do the writing yourself, but we help you with any problems you come across.

Do you want help with your research proposal?

Our thesis supervisors will help you with the most diverse range of research issues and, of course, with writing your research proposal. We can also help you out if you’re about to start and would like to discuss your topic and the direction of your research.

In addition, we can help if you’ve already received feedback on your research proposal several times. We then look at the feedback and add comments in the document to suggest how you can improve your research proposal. If you make adjustments at the beginning of the process, you’ll be less likely to get stuck later on. Focus is the key when you’re writing your research proposal or thesis.

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