Thesis supervision for your son or daughter

Are you looking for thesis help for your son or daughter? Perhaps your son or daughter has already received feedback from the graduation supervisor of his/her study programme several times, has become stuck or has lost the motivation to write a thesis independently?

We know from experience that writing a thesis takes a lot of energy. Both for you as a parent and also for your son or daughter. More and more parents are therefore turning to a thesis supervision agency for help. After all, although your son or daughter is an adult, as a parent you ultimately want the best for your children and that also applies to obtaining a diploma and completing studies. Sometimes, a little extra support is needed.

On this page, we explain how we can help your son or daughter.

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Why is it so difficult to write a thesis?

Writing a thesis is a difficult process for many students, in which you are mainly tested on the competencies and skills defined within the study programmes. For example, students are expected to be able to adopt a critical attitude and make their own choices. This is logical in itself, but if you have a client who pushes you in a certain direction as a student, this can be quite difficult. It may also be that you receive very little feedback on your documents from your graduation supervisor or that you don’t have many supervision hours. And sometimes you just don’t click with your graduation supervisor.

In addition, it’s increasingly common to encounter other factors that make it difficult to write a thesis. More and more students are suffering from study issues such as fear of failure or concentration problems, or have a functional limitation such as dyslexia, autism or ADHD. Engaging a thesis coach may be a good option to help a student graduate successfully.

How can we help your son or daughter?

Jouw Scriptiecoach B.V. has been active as a thesis supervision agency since 2017 and has now been able to successfully supervise more than 2,500 students during the graduation process (read our reviews on Trustpilot: we have a rating of 9.4). We work with a dedicated team of more than 20 thesis supervisors, all of whom are experts in a specific domain and also have relevant work experience. So we can almost always match your son or daughter to a thesis supervisor who has expertise in the relevant specialisation and who is also aware of the study programme’s thesis requirements. In our free consultation, we look at what help is required and we adjust our guidance accordingly.

Why thesis supervision from Jouw Scriptiecoach?

  • Your son or daughter will have their own personal thesis supervisor with expertise in the field (our supervisors are trained to a minimum of master’s level and have extensive knowledge and experience);
  • We can help your son or daughter with the content as well as with the process and structure;
  • We also have thesis coaches who can guide your son or daughter with study issues and functional limitations such as fear of failure, procrastination, concentration problems, dyslexia, autism, ADHD, ADD and motivation problems;
  • We always have a thesis supervisor available immediately, so your son or daughter can get started quickly;
  • Our rates are competitive and you (or your son/daughter) simply pay the rate according to the hours you need. Suppose you initially purchase 1 hour of online supervision and later decide to purchase an additional 4 hours, you pay the rate of 58 euros (instead of the rate of 68 euros that is used for individual hours);
  • Supervision can be provided online and in person throughout the Netherlands and Belgium;
  • The purchased hours can be used flexibly: we can provide supervision during office hours, but also in the evenings and at weekends. Your son or daughter will coordinate this directly with his/her thesis supervisor.

Need immediate thesis supervision for your daughter or son?

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