Harry Steenkamp

Harry Steenkamp is an experienced thesis supervisor who can help you with your research proposal, action plan, writing your thesis or your resit. Harry himself studied at the University of Groningen (RUG) where he graduated as an economist. From his own consultancy firm he advises organizations on marketing and strategy issues. He also assists in business takeovers. He also helps starting entrepreneurs to set up their business. In addition, Harry is an examiner and teacher at SRM. Harry has extensive work experience in financial services and the SME sector. Through his work experience as a commercial director, he also knows a lot about marketing, communication and sales.

What can Harry Steenkamp help with?

Harry Steenkamp has a broad background and can help you with many different topics such as Marketing, Accountancy, MBA, Communication, Media, Commercial economics, Finance, Business economics, Business administration, Management, Management Economics and Law (MER), Hotel and Hospitality Management and Small Business & Retail Management. In addition, Harry also offers support in writing the NIMA Marketing B or C marketing plan. And if you are studying NIMA B Communication and writing a communication plan, you have come to the right place with Harry. Harry can also help you with your qualitative or quantitative research, he also has experience with statistics programs such as SPSS and Stata.

Harry gets his challenge from getting the problem together with you. What does your client want? What is the question behind the question? Where is the real pain with the subject? In addition, Harry can help you formulate the main and sub questions. This way you know which information you need to collect for which part of your thesis. In addition to help with your research question and main and sub questions, Harry also offers support with literature research, the theoretical framework and the research method of your thesis. Whatever your question is, you can turn to Harry for complete thesis supervision from A to Z, both in the writing process and in structure and content.

Area of expertise

Accountancy, Business economics, Business administration, MBA, Change management, Commercial economics, Communication, Communication management, Communication sciences, Event management, Finance, Hotel and Hospitality Management, Safety science, Internal communication, Qualitative research Quantitative research, Leisure & Events, Management, Management and Organization, Marketing, Marketing management, Marketing NIMA B, Marketing NIMA C, Media Media & Entertainment Management, NIMA Online marketing, Product management, Small Business & Retail Management, SPSS, Statistics, Strategic management, Strategic communication and Tourism Management Change management

Thesis counseling: online and on location

Harry is available for thesis counseling both online and on location. On location you are welcome in where Harry is frequently available.