Sander Abbes

Sander Abbes is an experienced thesis supervisor who can assist you as an HBO, master or university student in writing your research proposal, plan of approach, thesis or resit. He has himself completed Communication Sciences at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). Sander has also obtained his Marketing NIMA C and Online Marketing diploma. And Sander has also completed the Post HBO Content Strategy & Inbound Marketing course at the Business School Utrecht.

Sander provides marketing advice from its Consultancy firm. He also helps organizations on an interim basis with specific marketing and communication issues. Sander advises on how they can shape their marketing communication. Or how they can set up a content strategy. But also how they map the customer journey and how to optimize it. This makes Sander a seasoned professional who can help you with all your marketing, communication and online issues based on his practical experience.

What can Sander Abbes help with?

Sander Abbes can assist you as a thesis supervisor in the following courses: Communication Sciences, Business Economics, International Business Studies, European Studies, Marketing, Commercial Economics, Online Marketing and Digital or Communication. He can also help you write a Marketing Nima B and Marketing Nima C marketing plan.

Sander can help you choose a suitable subject that matches the wishes of your client. But whatever fits your study and the guidelines from your study. In addition, Sander can help you formulate your main and sub questions, which models and theories you can apply and how you can shape your research. Sander can also help you with academic topics such as literature research and shaping a conceptual model.

Area of expertise

Sander is ready to help you with your thesis if you study at programmes such as Commercial Economics, Communication, Media, Communication Sciences, Business Economics of International Business Studies. He is also happy to help you if you study NIMA Marketing B and C or NIMA Communication.

Thesis counseling: online and on location

Sander is available for thesis counseling both online and on location. On location you are welcome in where Sander is frequently available.