Marguérite van der Laan

Marguérite van der Laan is an experienced thesis supervisor who can help you with your research proposal, plan of action, writing your thesis or your resit. She herself followed a law degree at the University of Utrecht where she graduated as a Master in Law. Her areas of expertise are Dutch Law and International Law. She also has a lot of experience in education and in project management, facility management, secretarial support and office management. Marguérite is also good at language and can also check your research proposal or thesis and check it on the common thread, language and spelling (in English and Dutch).

What can Marguérite van der Laan help with?

Marguérite can help you when you study Law, SJD (Social Legal Services) or Public Administration. For example, Marguérite can help you if you have chosen specialization as legal sciences, private law, constitutional law, administrative law, criminal law and civil procedural law. In addition, she can also help you with Legal History, Commercial Law and Corporate Law. And even if you have opted for Social and labor law, Economic law or Family law, Marguérite will help you out.

If you follow International Law, Marguérite can also help you in the following directions: Public International Law, International Relations and European Law. In addition, Marguérite can also help you perform literature research and write a scientifically substantiated paper or article. Moreover, Marguérite is a coach, which means that she can also help you if you suffer from procrastination, lack of motivation to graduate, perfectionism, stress or burnout symptoms, stress, concentration problems or fear of failure.

Area of expertise

Marguérite helps you if you study Law. Her areas of expertise are Dutch Law and International Law. Marguérite can also help you if you study Social Legal Services (SJD), Public Administration, Office Management, Facility Management and HRM. Marguérite is also strong in the Dutch language.

Thesis counseling: online and on location

Marguérite is available for thesis counseling both online and on location. On location you are welcome in where Marguérite is frequently available.