Lisette Joziasse

Lisette Joziasse is an experienced thesis supervisor who can help you with your research proposal, action plan, writing your thesis or resit. Lisette herself studied Business Economics with a specialization for Marketing at Erasmus University. Subsequently, Lisette also obtained her NIMA communication. She gained her knowledge of digital (online) marketing in practice and by following a Postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing Strategy & Leadership at Beeckesteijn Business School.

In daily life, Lisette works as an Interim Manager and helps organizations with various issues in the field of marketing, communication and product development. Lisette also has a click with education, she regularly gives guest lectures at MBO and HBO.

What can Lisette Joziasse help with?

Lisette Joziasse can help you if you are going to start your research proposal, plan of action or thesis. But even if you get stuck or need to resit, Lisette will help you on your way again. Lisette has a broad background and can help you with many different topics such as Marketing, Communication, Digital, Online, Media, Commercial economics, Business economics, Business administration and Management. Because Lisette, as an interim manager and former partner of a marketing agency, has a lot of experience with various issues within different branches, she can help you better than anyone else to get your cause and problem clear. Lisette also helps you with your literature research and research methodology. In addition, Lisette is strong in structuring information so that your document is logically structured in terms of structure.

Area of expertise

Lisette Joziasse helps you if you study Marketing, Communication, Digital, Online, Media, Commercial Economics, Business Economics, Business Administration and Management. She helps you narrow down your research question and is also great at structuring information, so that your document has a logical structure.

Thesis counseling: online and on location

Lisette is available for thesis counseling both online and on location. On location you are welcome in where Lisette is frequently available.