Raqib Joeman

Raqib Joeman is an experienced thesis supervisor who can help you with your research proposal, plan of action, writing your thesis or your resit, both at HBO and WO level. Raqib himself followed a Montessori training and graduated as a teacher. After that, Raqib followed various master’s programs, including a Master’s in Pedagogy and a Master’s in Special Needs. Raqib then also obtained his Phd in  Educational Sciences. He also has a Master NLP and has a lot of experience with pupils and students from special education.

Raqib gives students extra lessons from his own tutoring office and Raqib also coaches pupils and students with learning problems through Remedial Teaching. Think of giftedness, dyslexia, dyscalculia, fear of failure, and so on.

What can Raqib Joeman help with?

Raqib Joeman has a lot of experience in education, Pedagogy, Psychology and Educational Sciences. As a result, he can help you if you yourself are following a teacher training course (including teacher training, Dutch teacher) or if you are studying Pedagogy, Psychology or Educational Sciences. Raqib also has experience with qualitative and quantitative research and statistics programs such as SPSS.

Raqib likes to research with you what you need to successfully complete your research proposal, thesis or resit. Through his experience as a study coach, remedial teacher and by giving extra lessons to pupils and students, Raqib knows exactly what it takes to be able to help you through the finishing line. Raqib can help you with all phases of your thesis, whether you have yet to start or have already started and maybe even got stuck.

He helps you with the structure, spelling, language errors and can also think along with you in terms of content, for example about your problem, research question, sub-questions, research and of course your literature search. In addition, Raqib is also the designated thesis coach if you experience a disability or learning disability. He ensures that you get back to work with motivation in all cases.

Area of expertise

Raqib Joeman guides you in writing your higher vocational or academic thesis. His specialisms are Education, Pabo, Dutch Teacher, Educational Sciences, Pedagogy, Psychology, Social Work and Services, qualitative research, quantitative research, statistics and SPSS. Raqib is also your point of contact with specific learning problems (such as dyslexia).

Thesis counseling: online and on location

Raqib is available for thesis counseling both online and on location. On location you are welcome in where Raqib is frequently available.