Jittie Brandsma

Jittie Brandsma

Jittie Brandsma is an experienced thesis supervisor who can help HBO and University students with their research proposal, writing a thesis or at a second chance. Jittie (cum laude) graduated as a (teaching) sociologist at the University of Groningen (University of Groningen) and has a PhD in educational sciences from the University of Twente. As a university and freelance researcher she has years of experience in conducting both qualitative and quantitative research for international and national organizations. She is also an experienced thesis and statistics supervisor in both HBO and wo (bachelor and master) who has helped many students to reach their deadline and finish their study successfully.

What can Jittie help you with?

Whether it is about formulating a good problem and/or research question, searching, finding and processing literature, developing a good research design, analysing qualitative or quantitative data or editing the entire text of your thesis, Jittie can help you as an experienced thesis supervisor. You can also contact her for more complex quantitative analyses in SPSS and English theses or assignments.

Jittie has extensive experience in thesis supervision (and statistics) in the following fields: PABO, teacher training, pedagogy, social science, nursing, paramedical training, sociology, educational science, (ortho)pedagogy, psychology, criminology, communication sciences, linguistic and cultural sciences, HR/HRM and public administration and administration.

Thesis counseling: online and on location

Jittie is available for thesis counseling both online and on location. On location you are welcome in where Jittie is frequently available.

The importance of validity and reliability in your thesis

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Conducting qualitative research in a thesis

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