Edwin Claassens

Are you looking for help with setting up your research, or writing your research proposal and/or your thesis? Or maybe you are looking for help with your resit? Edwin Claassens, an experienced thesis supervisor, is here for you. Thanks to his background in change management and communication, he is used to dealing with complex situations.

Edwin Claassens has extensive expertise and experience in building departments and teams. He specialises is understanding an organisation’s flows and processes. He does not go for a standard solution. Instead, he tries to integrate the corporate culture and habits in the change. He finetunes strategies so as to guarantee a high level of mutual acceptance. As a result, he knows the ins and outs of internal communication and organisational challenges, from workflow to efficiency, and from team size to crisis staffing. He offers his services as a partner of the agency Essentiedenkers.

What can Edwin Claassens do for you?

Edwin can help you as a thesis supervisor in all business studies, including Innovation, Change Management and Communication Management. He can also help you write a positioning plan. Edwin works for many different (types of) clients. As a result, his broad background and extensive work experience can help you choose a suitable topic that meets the wishes of your client, all within the framework of your educational programme.

Edwin is originally from The Netherlands, but he lives in Belgium and works mainly for Flemish customers. He can therefore also help you with intercultural communication between both countries. Edwin is also a guest lecturer at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences in Ghent. As such, he is well aware of the requirements of Belgian universities, and Bachelor programmes in particular.

Area of expertise

Edwin can help you as a thesis supervisor with commercial business studies such as Marketing, Communication Sciences, Communication, Change Communication, Positioning, Commercial Economics and Brand Strategy. Mirjam also helps you with your bachelor’s or master’s thesis if you study in Flanders. Supervision is possible online or on location in consultation.

Thesis counseling: online and on location

Edwin is available for thesis counseling both online and on location. On location you are welcome in where Edwin is frequently available.