Daphne Cornelisse

Daphne Cornelisse

Daphne Cornelisse obtained her MSc. Artificial Intelligence (summa cum laude) from Radboud University and a BSc. Neuroscience (cum laude) from Erasmus University College Rotterdam. During her studies, Daphne worked on several research projects in the Netherlands and the US, including Harvard University, and she is currently working towards a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence. Daphne is experienced in academic writing and the other aspects involved in doing research.

How can Daphne Cornelisse help?

She can supervise students from both research and applied universities with their research proposal, plan of action, statistics, and writing. She believes good thesis supervision starts with understanding your needs in the thesis process. For instance, she can provide guidance in developing a good research proposal, thesis structure, and writing. Additionally, she can help plan and ensure all pieces keep moving forward. Daphne is happy to support you throughout your thesis journey to get you to the next step.

Daphne can help with both technical studies and social sciences. Specifically with Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Mathematics, Economics, Biology, Neuroscience, and Psychology.


Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Mathematics, Economics, Biology, Neuroscience and Psychology.

Thesis counseling: online and on location

Daphne is available for thesis counseling both online and on location. On location you are welcome in where Daphne is frequently available.