Linda Hovestad

Linda Hovestad is an experienced thesis supervisor who can help both HBO, Master and university students with their research proposal, action plan, writing a thesis or a resit. In addition, Linda is the founder and owner of Jouw scriptiecoach.

In addition to your thesis coach, Linda has her own marketing consultancy. Linda carries out marketing assignments for various clients, such as launching a new product or developing a strategic marketing plan. But also assignments for developing a proposition or setting up a campaign. Linda has a great deal of knowledge of the latest business models (such as the Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, Customer Journey). In addition, Linda has done with Lean Six Sigma, Agile / Scrum and she has a lot of experience with Design Thinking.

From NCOI Group, Linda provides various training courses for the SRM, Lectric and Scheidegger brands in the field of entrepreneurship and (online) marketing. In addition, Linda also provides training on personal development, leadership and entrepreneurship. Linda also helps starting entrepreneurs to set up their business and as a business coach she guides companies with specific issues.

Linda has done the HBO Communication Systems course at the Hogeschool Utrecht. Subsequently, Linda successfully completed the Marketing NIMA B, Marketing NIMA C and Online Marketer B training at SRM. Linda is currently in the final phase of her Executive Masters in Imagineering at Breda University of Applied Science (BUAS).

Since 2011, Linda has assisted students from SRM who have to write a marketing plan for NIMA Marketing B or C. Also, NIMA regularly uses Linda to take exams for NIMA A Online marketing and NIMA B Digital marketing. Linda has gained her expertise and work experience in telecom, IT, financial and business services. Linda is also a seasoned marketer and coach who can help you with various marketing, communication and positioning issues.

What can Linda Hovestad help with?

You can turn to Linda if you want help with your (strategic) marketing plan, communication strategy, positioning, brand strategy or online (marketing plan). In addition, Linda has a great deal of experience with design theses, including the International Communications and Media, Communication & Multimedia and Communication Systems courses.

Thanks to her work experience, Linda has a wealth of marketing knowledge, which means she can quickly get to the heart of the problem for almost every research proposal, plan of approach, thesis and resit. This allows you to make meters quickly and you can graduate in a relatively short period of time. Linda can also help you if you have to write a NIMA Marketing plan at NIMA B or NIMA C level. In addition, Linda has knowledge of well-known business models and methods such as LeanSix Sigma, Lean Start-Up, Agile, Scrum, the Business Canvas Model, the Value Proposition Canvas, Design Thinking and Customer Journey Mapping.

Because of her background as a coach, Linda Hovestad specializes in guiding students with learning difficulties who are going to write a thesis. Think of ADHD, ADD, fear of failure and procrastination. Linda makes a clear schedule with you and gives you clear instructions on what you should do per day / period. Because Linda divides the thesis into manageable chunks, you have the feeling that you are making meters which will increase the motivation to complete your thesis.

Area of expertise

Marketing, Design Thinking, Communication, Media, Positioning, Brand Strategy, Propositions, Office Management, Commercial Economics,
Business Economics, Business Administration, Management Economics and Law (MER), Journalism, HRM, Management, NIMA Marketing B and C, Communication Systems, Communications & Multimedia and Product Design.

Thesis counseling: online and on location

Linda is available for thesis counseling both online and on location. On location you are welcome in where Linda is frequently available.